What Is The Phantom?

The DJI Phantom is a Ready-To-Fly aerial video and photography multicopter that is made to carry a GoPro Hero camera. With impressive internal computer controlled flight stabilization and enhanced fail safe GPS guided features, the Phantom is the best tool for novices and pros to take the shots that were not possible before in Canada.

What To Learn?

The DJI Phantom was created for those without experience to quickly deploy and learn how to fly. Most people with no prior experience are able to learn how to fly the Phantom within 10 minutes. The Phantom is a revolutionary system because it comes Ready-To-Fly out of the box, there is no soldering or programming required.

Let's Go!

Want to get started with your DJI Phantom in Canada? We would love to help! We specialize in getting Canadians and others around the world flying. Based just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we offer the DJI Phantom as well as custom copter solutions for your unique projects.

Flying Cameras DJI Phantom Canada
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